Never Cry Werewolf (2008) Dir Brenton Spencer

Fright Night with Werewolves

I’ve seen Fright Night a grand total of once, but was no stranger to the concept. Think a less expensive Lost Boys with a classic British actor thrown in instead of two Frog Brothers. The plot basically runs that, local kid who watches a cheesy TV show about monster hunters realises that his neighbour is in fact one of the ghastly undead, and he must eventually get help from the washed-up TV star in order to defeat the monster next door. And of course, the authorities won’t listen to them and the whole world thinks they’re insane.

Now reimagine this in the style of Buffy. That’s pretty much Never Cry Werewolf’s angle, and the washed up actor this time is the ever-young Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) as a TV hunter who goes around shooting endangered wild animals. As you can tell, the film never takes itself very seriously, and the ceature effects are pretty good. Nina Sobrev is a gorgeous lead as Loren, easy to root for and tough enough to take on the most ferocious of maneating monsters. She also has the required goofy male best friend, who hilariously starts to turn into a wolf-bitch-thing…

The werewolf guy isn’t perhaps as dangerously sexy scary as he probably should be, but he is pretty creepy all the same. See, he thinks  Loren is the reincarnation of his long lost wife, and hopes to recreate his relationship by seducing and turning her. Gulp. So, basically at one point she ends up down to her sports bra. Luckily she also has a kickass crossbow – but I think these are less use than a really big knife in most movies!

Keeping all the charm of the 1980s classic version, but with better everything, it bumps along at a decent pace and it doesn’t look too shabby, either. Comes highly recommended if you’re after a piece of lighthearted lycanthrope action, in the spirit of all those cheesy 80s monster movies. And it is way, WAY better than the bloody Wolfman remake.