Book Review: Townhouse, a Tale of Terror by Brian Rowe

Today the Eyeball reviews Brian Rowe’s LA based horror/thriller,Townhouse: A New Adult Thriller.Brian has also been interviewed on the Eyeball here.

Sara is a would-be writer based in LA, who has found herself living with, and sort-of engaged to, the father of her unborn child, even though she barely knows him. The reluctant couple are making the best of it, and even move into an upscale Townhouse together, although they’re both conflicted about their committment. While her fiancé strives to reach the top at his agency, Sara struggles to write a bestseller, and make sense of her decisions, while stuck at home alone. Then the local disappearances start to rack up, and she comes to suspect that another inhabitant of the townhouse block might be hiding a deadly secret. Of course, she just has to investigate behind closed doors and that opens up a whole new world of hurt.

With freaky goings on and a well drawn cast, Townhouse reads like a great 1980s horror thriller. The pace rattles along, delivering a steadily climbing level of dread that hits a satisfying peak. Brian Rowe has a very a sympathetic ear for a bunch of unlikable characters, who nonetheless draw you into the story. It was enormously fun to follow the mystery and figure out who the killer might be, and of course, everyone is a potential suspect.

A bone-fide page turner, this will leave you breathless, and perhaps a little annoyed at the rush to the payoff, but it’s still a very enjoyable thrill ride. Fans of whodunit slasher movies will most likely adore it. Although it goes a bit off the rails towards the very end, and the grand guignol becomes more of a grande flood (sic), by that point it’s really earned it. One other quibble is – why does the killer have to speak in CAPS ALL THE TIME? This was rather distracting, as their actions had already proved how batshit crazy they were.

This aside, Townhouse is a terrific tale of terror, which can be devoured in a couple of eager sittings but leaves a bloody good impression.

And remember – watch your neighbours closely, or you could be next!

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Brian has also been interviewed on the Eyeball here.

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