Review: Takers 3: Bloodlines by Chris Davis

We were pleased to learn that Kel was returning and that he’s as stubborn and anguished as ever. To recap, Los Angeles is plagued by humanoid creatures called Takers, which are like vampires only many levels worse. These emotionless monsters suck souls as well as blood, and they can create half-human offspring which must feed on a smorgasbord of blood, souls and human food to stay alive. Continue reading

Writer’s Block? See my guest post with Chris Davis

Pennyspy, Joanna K Neilson

Me, myself, and my writing at Chris Davis' blog today

It was all Chris’ idea, so after subtle amounts of vodka and the scribbling out of many Moleskine pages, I am happy to present a post about how I deal with Writer’s Block and the stress that comes with it.

You Eyeballers can read it over at Chris Davis’ blog right now!

Now for a lie down. It’s been a busy week!