Interview: Chris Davis author of the Takers Series

Hi Chris, welcome back to the Haunted Eyeball. Takers 3 is now out and it’s really good to see Kel return too, so we’d like to ask you all about the new installment. Continue reading

Review: Takers 3: Bloodlines by Chris Davis

We were pleased to learn that Kel was returning and that he’s as stubborn and anguished as ever. To recap, Los Angeles is plagued by humanoid creatures called Takers, which are like vampires only many levels worse. These emotionless monsters suck souls as well as blood, and they can create half-human offspring which must feed on a smorgasbord of blood, souls and human food to stay alive. Continue reading

Special post – Takers 3 out on Monday!

TAKERS3 - cover page

Brand New Cover Art for Takers 3 by Haunted Eyeball regular, Author Chris Davis

We’ll have more info soon, but very excited to report that Part 3 of the award winning Takers will be out to buy on Monday 20th June 2013. The Eyeball has just received this lovely preview image of the cover from Plotfish Press and we can’t wait to get our yellowed little Eyeball teeth into it. (Yes, Eyeballs have teeth…this one does anyway).

The Haunted Eyeball has covered this vampire franchise before and interviewed its Author Chris Davis here, here and here!

Takers part 1 will be free on amazon UK and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (June 17th-19th 2013). Continue reading