Quickie Review: The Folk Horror Revival

Documentary on Folk Horror and Kill list etc

To tie in with this week’s review of the Wicker Man, this interesting documentary discusses the current resurgence of folk horror in films. These capture the inherent eeriness of the British countryside, exploring our unease about what evil resides in the woods and villages…and if our worst enemies might be the people we live next to.

Folk Horror has evolved over the years, from The Wicker Man in 1973 to Kill List in 2012, but why are we afraid of Folk? What is Folk Horror all about? Inspired by the Folk Horror season at the Barbican (London) this year, I intended to make a quick video looking at Folk Horror but it ended up taking quite some time. It went from being an overview, to being much more about Kill List specifically, but I hope it’s not too much of a mess as a result. It’s my longest video yet, and I was still cutting things out by the editing process! Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video essay! If you have any thoughts on the ideas in this video, or just your interpretation of the film in general, please leave them down in the comments. 🙂

With references to Blood on Satan’s Claw, Kill List and the Wicker Man of course, this is a very useful overview of films and TV shows that provide that same sense of rural terror.