Review: Stinkypaws by Dennis Green

Stinkypaws by Denis GreenYoung Badger is the town outcast, not least because he exudes a rather overpowering stinky smell that he can’t ever wash away. Following the tragic loss of his mother, Badger and his put-upon father seem to be facing a tough lifetime of poverty and loneliness, until an act of kindness for a small dirty cat brings poor Badger some much-needed luck, and may just give him a chance to fix all his problems.

It’s not often we look at children-orientated books here on the Eyeball, but Dennis Green has proved that you’re never too old for a whiff of extreme silliness, or to enjoy watching gruesome bullies getting their comeuppance. The wickedly surreal spirit of Roald Dahl is in full flow, and it’s greedily eating slug and rhubarb jam and taking names. Tapping into everything great about all those darkly funny books we grew up with, some deceptively cute illustrations enhance its gleefully off-key sense of humour. You can see a few of these drawings further down the page.

Irreverent enough to enthral both adults and children, Stinkypaws is a fantastic story which keeps the giggles and the ‘eeeews’ coming thick and fast. Great fun for any age, this is highly imaginative, sweet, hugely disgusting and utterly hilarious.

From April 22nd to May 22nd 2012, Dennis will be giving any royalties from Stinkypaws to Great Ormond Street Children’s HospitalFull details on the Stinkypaws facebook page. You can also visit Dennis Green’s Goodreads page, check out his website, or follow him on Twitter

Below: Evil bully Dinger Dredgeworth; cute kitty ‘Stinkypaws‘ himself; and A Dying Sasquatch – which the Eyeball imagines very probably would make this noise. Probably. Perhaps. Almost surely.

Stinkypaws! A magical blue cat with a striped tail

A Dying Sasquatch.

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