We’re looking for Monstrously good art, short stories and poetry.

The Haunted Eyeball is looking for articles, artwork and short stories, poems etc to add to its Fearsome Fridays.

We can’t currently offer payment, but can highlight your work and will rave about it – all choices made at the Haunted Eyeball’s discretion, we retain the right to refuse, and you retain full rights to your work of course. See themes below, and tell us which part your work applies to.

Artwork: Whatever you’ve made, we’d love to see it.

Fiction: We’re looking for flash fiction rather than novellas, please, so stories way under 1000 words would be FAB

Articles: Also under 1000 words with your own artwork/pictures supplied.

Submissions via Twitter @HauntedEyeball

Highlight which theme you think it applies to and we’ll go from there.

Deadlines are on the 20th for each month before the theme, so to submit to March we’d need your work by the 20th February.

IMPORTANT: Please follow the theme of the month, so for 2017:

January – Resident Evil (this is nearly over but anything is still welcome)

February – Romantic horror (i.e. Dracula, Buffy/Angel…)

March – John Carpenter

April – Ghosts!

May – Demons!

June – Short Films

July – Animals in horror

August – Vacation horror

September – Scary kids

October – Classic slashers

November – Bring the Pain (Hellraiser etc)

December – Scary Santa

January 2018 – Bring the funny….

So, please send it Twitter @HauntedEyeball and we’ll do our best to get back to you asap.

Hopefully, there will be a lot of awesome work and if that happens, we’ll add an extra few days and display it then, too.

Many thanks, can’t wait to see your work.