Monster Monday: Monstro the Whale (Pinocchio 1940)

As we all know, Whales are a fiercely beautiful, highly intelligent bunch of peaceful aquatic creatures, who humanity has quite unreasonably hunted to bloody near extinction in the name of putting whale oil in absolutely everything, and occasionally making a decent corset. By all accounts, whales funded the rise of the industrial revolution. Which ended in iPads and asthma for everyone. Hooray!

“Eubalaena glacialis with calf”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

But, in the case of Monstro the whale, from the 1940 Disney classic ‘Pinocchio‘, we’re much more inclined to say ‘screw it, shoot that goddam psycho beastie with a harpoon’.

Monster Monday: Monstro the Whale, Pinocchio 1940. Thanks, Disney!

Monster Monday: Monstro the Whale, Pinocchio 1940. Thanks, Disney!

Scarier than Moby Dick, Monstro rates high on the ‘nightmare fuel’ scale in a film that’s ALREADY chock-full of the stuff. But for this Eyeballer, Monstro beats out Pinocchio’s
Donkey Boys, simply because:

Look how freaked out those fish are! And that’s just his EYE.

Disney created the most effed-up Sperm Whale ever. Either they drew this guy before decent reference footage, or they just said ‘fuck it, make it terrifying instead’. Because Monstro is ugly, lumpy, but terrifically agile, very fast, and mostly made of teeth and stomach, urggh.

That introduction (see below), and those teeth, oh the teeeeeth….

Having never seen Pinocchio before in all its animated glory, catching the above scene, during a chilled-out morning at Christmas (2014) was quite an eyeball-opener. Yeesh. Montro is relentless.

It’s hard to imagine being able to sit through the Disney ride, where you get to GO INSIDE HIS MOUTH, teeth first…brrrr no thank you, Disney.

Yeah, no fucking way guys…I’m jumping ship and swimming off to ‘it’s a small world’, or to explore somewhere nice and calming like the Haunted Mansion.

And let’s face it, he could probably eat Bruce from Jaws in a single, salty gulp. And probably Cthulhu, too, if he was still peckish.

From Once Upon a Time. here’s Monstro, one more time…


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3 thoughts on “Monster Monday: Monstro the Whale (Pinocchio 1940)

  1. Fantastic! What a terrifying beastie, I remember that thing scaring the life out of me as a child lol 😨 Didn’t know it was in once upon a time though wow!!

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