Interview: Chris Davis author of the Takers Series

Hi Chris, welcome back to the Haunted Eyeball. Takers 3 is now out and it’s really good to see Kel return too, so we’d like to ask you all about the new installment.


HE: What keeps you coming back to Kel?

CD: I suppose I could launch into one of those answers that authors are expected to give when asked a question like this. Say something about how even though he does “bad” things he’s really actually “good” deep down, and he has these problems that he didn’t create but has to overcome, and he’s a growing and evolving man because he’s forced to be…but that’s not the kind of writer I am – I don’t focus on the technicalities behind characterization. So I’ll answer you truthfully. What keeps me coming back to Kel? He does. He the most insistent, determined original character I’ve ever encountered. He lets me know when it’s time to work on his story in no uncertain terms, and because I find both him and his world sexy and fascinating, I’m just as excited to see what comes next as the readers of the book!

Who are your current favourite characters (apart from Kel) and why?

CD: I would have to say that Ray is probably my first favorite after Kel. Ray was very unexpected in the story for me, and he really was endearing. Terrifying, especially at first, but then with a soft side I wasn’t expecting. And then to find out what we find out about his life since becoming a Taker, well, it just makes me love him all the more.

HE: How do you work on keeping yourself, and readers, interested?

CD: I honestly don’t have to work on it…at least, not to keep myself interested! Because of how different Takers and Half-Turns are from “normal” or “modern” vampires, their world is fascinating to me, including where they came from – which we find out about in “Takers III: Bloodlines,” and what’s going to happen to Kel and his family because of them. And also, I think the natural eroticism of Kel and the other Half-Turns and the Takers is something that draws readers in, especially female readers, simply because we like that. It turns us on. If it didn’t, nobody ever would’ve gotten away with making vampires that sparkle in sunlight.

HE: What were the challenges of writing the humans caught up in the Takers world?

CD: I have to be very careful not to reveal too much to them, too soon. I also have to make their reactions to Takers and Half-Turns real. I’m so used to these fanged guys that if one came up to me in real life right now I’d be like oh, okay, so you’re real. But I have to try to step out of that and become a “normal” human being, as well as a human at different ages and different sexes, to try and make their reactions to the vampire stuff as real as it should be, rather than what my own reaction would be.

HE: If you could crossover Takers with any franchise what would it be?

CD: The 2010 version of “Hawaii Five-0,” hands-down, no hesitation. I sort of (kind of) did that in a piece of H50 fan fiction I wrote which the fans loved so much I wrote a prequel too for them. *laughs* I would just love to see how the Five-0 task force would handle a Taker invasion. In particular, Danno’s reactions would be priceless.

HE: Can you tell us anything about your plans for the next one?

CD: The one thing I will reveal is that the fourth book in the series is most definitely the last book in the series. It’s pretty clear that the portion of Kel’s story I’m meant to tell will be told by the end of the fourth book. Then it will be on to new adventures!

And finally…:

HE: What’s the oddest thing that’s happened to you (supernatural or otherwise)?

CD: Odd to normal people or odd to me? *laughs* Having dreams that are so vividly real, that when I dreamed I fell into a lake, was taken out, dried off and passed out on my rescuers, I woke up to find my hair wet. At three o’clock in the morning. I love that stuff because it’s inexplicable, and I like inexplicable!

HE: Family is a big theme for Kel. What’s most important theme in your life?

CD: I’m not entirely certain I would classify it as the most important, but it certainly is the most all-encompassing theme of my life: Growth. I am determined to accomplish the things I am meant to accomplish in this life. To grow, evolve and change into what I’m supposed to become. Kind of funny that’s what’s happening to Kel too, mm?

HE: What scares you the most?

CD: I am not one who is easily frightened, to be honest, nor do I have a laundry list of things that frighten me. Now, if I ran into a spider the size of a small apartment building, I would be quite scared, I assure you. But barring things like that, which I will most likely not see, the one thing that scares me the most is that the majority of the people on Earth have no idea what is really going on in this world, within their own countries’ governments and within their local governments. What scares me is that people are so trusting of both media and (in some cases) politicians, and propaganda, that they blindly believe everything they’re told, everything they see on television. I just wish that all people everywhere would think for themselves and focus on their own growth, rather than believing every morsel of every little thing they’re told from the time they’re born. Rather than remaining “stuck” in the sphere they were born into, with built-in prejudices, beliefs and ways of life, the scary thing to me is that there can’t ever be equality if there are always lies, if there is always a deliberate separation of humans from one another based on religion, race, nationality, sex, and the list goes on. So it’s a global thing that scares me. A human thing that’s as big as every human being alive.

HE: Thanks for visiting us, Chris. Any message for the lovely Eyeballers, now you’ve bravely decided to return!

CD: I hope you are enjoying the “Takers” series of books, that “Takers III: Bloodlines” keeps you interested and that you will be looking forward to “Takers IV” coming out! Thanks for reading, you guys are the ones who make this whole thing possible!

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