KICKSTARTER SUNDAY: Untitled Horror Film

Untitled Horror Film by JP Bankes-Mercer

Untitled Horror Film poster one number eleven

Number Eleven and a haunted house

Funding Deadline: 5th July 2013
Funding Goal: £5,000
What is it?: 95% finished, feature-length horror film.
Why does the Eyeball love it and want to have its freaky kids?
We’re intrigued by the giggling insanity of the lead actress, and want to know the creepy significance of the number eleven.

Visit the movie’s official page and on Twitter and Facebook.

UHF ~ Extended Trailer from Jp Bankes-Mercer on Vimeo.

The plot is simple but scary.

When an ambitious Filmmaker, J.P, and his small documentary team arrive at Netherwood House, the 13th most haunted house in Britain, the team hope to witness some evidence of true supernatural phenomena.

None of the team, including presenter, Heidi Slater, are aware that J.P’s motives are far more sinister.

That is, until the Magick surrounding Nether-Wood House has consumed them all.

The film asks the question – What is more frightening? – Possible psychic phenomena or Human nature at its worst?

It all happens at this beautiful old house, apparently one of the most haunted houses in Britain.

Wythenshawe  Hall, haunted

Wythenshawe Hall, 14th most haunted house in Britain, is the location

The trailer leads us to think there’s a lot more going on in the woods, as well, as Heidi Slater loses her mind, screaming and laughing in the tree branch.

Untitled horror film, tree

Shrieking ‘Eleven! Eleven!’ while sitting in a tree at the dead of night…

This reminds us of the unseen terrors of the Blair Witch, or any film where what might lurk in the deep dark is far more terrible than any  garish CGI ghosts. However, horror fans who like a hearty splash of the red stuff will not be disappointed, either.

There are shades of the wonderful REC here, too, with a female reporter being caught up events unexpected and unwanted. It may be a familiar style, but it’s authentically used here. And personally we find watching a fake-real horror far more interesting than the real-fake of your typical ‘Most Haunted‘ ghosthunting show.

The filmmakers are hoping to add more gore and some extra scenes with the Kickstarter funding, so please pay their site a visit for more information about the project, and even if you don’t donate, please send them a tweet or two and support this sinister project.

Also, the number eleven is starting to freak us out, now. Seriously. What does it all mean? We have to know, and we really want this project to make it.

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