Monster Monday: The Infected in ‘The Last of Us’ (PS3 game)

We’ve seen our fair share of zombie flicks here at the Eyeball. In fact, we were pretty sure no mere zombie could ever terrify us again.

Naughty Dog (creators of the Nathan Drake adventure games) have proved us wrong.


Half man, half homicidal mushroom

The Playstation 3 game ‘The Last of Us‘ has been justifiably lauded for its amazing gameplay and deep, involving story. Its characters don’t make you want to throw things at the screen. This is fairly unusual. Now, some might argue that it didn’t need the zombies for a post apocalyptic horror a the humans soon prove they’re a lot worse. But then again, humans aren’t often going to rip your head in half, or make weird, freaky noises that scare you even when you can’t see them. Just check out the video below (if you’re brave, keep the sound on) to understand why we love the Clickers.

According to Wikipedia:

The concept for The Last of Us arose after watching a segment of the BBC nature documentary Planet Earth, which documented a cordyceps fungus-infected ant, where the fungus takes over its brain and produces growths from its head; the idea that the fungus could infect humans became the initial idea for the game. Major artistic inspirations included the novels City of Thieves, I Am Legend, No Country for Old Men, The Road, the comic book series The Walking Dead, and their screen adaptations.[8] GamesRadar pointed out the game’s inspirations by the film versions of I Am Legend andThe Road and the TV series version of The Walking Dead, as well as by 28 Days Later and the film versions of Children of Men and The Day of the Triffids.[15]

And that’s how you get these:

infected last of us

They’re coming to get you…

So, to recap, these Clicker zombies are insanely scary because:

  • The Infected start off as lethal, insane humans. Then they get worse.
  • The Eyeball’s worst nightmare is THIS. Fungus growing on you. Yaaaaagh.
  • Blinded, the infected find you with scary clicking and sniffling noises
  • Erratic movement – which way are they going to go? Towards you, that’s where.
  • They’re similar to the 28 Days Later zombies, but so much worse.
  • Even when these suckers die, their corpses give off spores that make more of ‘em.
  • Also, the spore that creates them is not fictional!

For these reasons and more, we hope that if a zombie apocalypse ever hits that we get the bog standed rotting corpses and not, well, this:

infected woman last of us

A scary fungus infected woman

For more about the game, there’s the Official Site with annoying autoplay music – also recommend a look at the trailer. The Last of Us is a seriously good game with an incredible story. So if you cant be arsed to play (guilty! Luckily we had a tame gamer we enjoyed it through) there’s always Youtube where you can enjoy the cut scenes, if not the experience.

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