KICKSTARTER SUNDAY: Third Contact by Simon Horrocks

Third Contact by Si Horrocks

Also visit the movie’s official page and their Twitter and Facebook pages

Funding Deadline: July 10, 2013
Funding Goal: £15,000
What is it?: Surreal cerebral horror film which needs help to reach the big screen
Why does the Eyeball love it and want to have its freaky kids?
The film has already come a long way, but with an extra push it could make it into the mainstream. And we love a creepy mystery with early David Lynch aesthetics.


Memories of lost love torment David Wright as, for reasons of his own mental health, he struggles to run his private psychotherapy practice in North London. While also dealing with the recent death of a patient, an apparent suicide, David spirals down into the darkest of places. David’s motivation for life is all but gone. Then, one night, the dead patient’s sister contacts him with a mystery: her brother left behind a list of four specific memories from his life, marked with the date when they occurred.

When David finds another patient has also written a similar list, he is drawn into an obsessive and disturbing investigation.

Babyface in Third Contact


The buzz is very positive. Ordinarily we wouldn’t aim to cover projects that are already made, but this has impressed us by coming a long way already.

It’s garnered these positive reviews:

“The writing is beautiful. The storytelling. The performances. The art direction. At this level in the microbudget realm, I can’t think of anything else that comes close.” Heidi Haaland, SCREENWRITER.

“Fans of directors like David Lynch, Darren Aronofsky, Richard Kelly, Vincenzo Natali and Duncan Jones ought to enjoy Third Contact’s open-ended, philosophical and conspiratorial nature.” Ian Cavalier, SPIRAL NOTEPAD.

There are plenty more raves about Third Contact on the Kickstarter page, too.

Purpose of further funding

As explained by Si Horrocks:

The campaign funding will go towards a press campaign, which will include:

  • TALENT PITCHING (trying to encourage print, broadcast and online journalists to interview lead actors and me)

We will will also need to cover certain other expenses such as:

  • Poster – printing and distribution
  • Flyer (and other marketing materials) – printing and distribution
  • DCPs (Digital Cinema Package for projection) manufacture and delivery

“If you’ve pledged or are intending to pledge, this is what you are paying for. You are making this happen for a film which has been critically acclaimed, but which otherwise wouldn’t get this opportunity.”

We’d love to see this become a success. They have loads of information on how this micro budgeted movie was put together, and it’s already show at this prestigious German Film Festival. Once it gets this cinematic release it’ll be available to buy and enjoy at your leisure, but they’re taking a risk to get it into the big time before that. So while we’d really like to see it now (now now!) we’re keen to see them achieve their goal.

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