KICKSTARTER SUNDAY: The Farmer by Wyatt Michael

The Farmer by Wyatt Michael

Also visit the movie’s official page and Facebook page.

Funding Deadline: 30th June 2013
Funding Goal: $100,000
What is it?: Full length horror film set in the Old West
Why does the Eyeball love it and want to have its freaky kids?
We love a creepy story from way-back-when, told over a crackling camp fire.:

The Farmer title image

Click here to visit The Farmer’s Kickstarter page.

A farmhouse stands in the quiet wilderness alongside a field of wheat that is ready for harvest in the summer of 1896. As a farmer and his family go about their daily work routine, five murderous outlaws watch them from the forest. All family members are captured except one boy, who slips away unnoticed and hides in an upstairs closet of the house. After nightfall, an outlaw discovers an overturned family photograph that reveals the unseen child.

The farmer tells the men, who are ready to kill him, that the boy is dead and buried in a field behind the farmhouse. Two outlaws take the farmer out into the moonlit night with a lantern to prove it. The man, sweating and extremely anxious, stops at the roots of an old twisted tree, deep in a forest, and tells them the boy is buried there. The lead outlaw is skeptical because there is no marker.

He gives the farmer a shovel and tells him to dig. If the boy is not found they promise the man they will bury him in the hole. The farmer nervously pries up the earth in the lantern light and what the outlaws discover is so unexpected they cannot believe their eyes.

Will the farmer and his family survive the night or did the outlaws just stop at the wrong house?

About the Filmmaker

Wyatt Michael is a 38 year old independent filmmaker/writer and musician in Concord, North Carolina. He has written a Suspense/Thriller novel which is published on called “The Whaler Fortune” (you can see it at: AMAZON ) and was in a successful Power Pop /Rock band called Only Makebelieve, which released a critically acclaimed international selling album “Message From A Mockingbird” a few years ago. (sound and videos at )

He is located near the film site of The Hunger Games and has been shopping for props for this film at the same place where The Hunger Games producers bought theirs!


The minimum budget for this creepy film is $100,000 and he has already secured about $15,000 of it from friends who really know it will be a hit. So he’s seeking at least $80,000 from everyone here together to meet the budget.

The shooting schedule is 14 days in late July or mid August this year! This is because the film revolves around a wheat harvest and the wheat fields have already been planted at the film location back in November 2012. They will be ready for harvest in July 2013. Many preparations, locations, actors, services, and arrangements have been secured and production is ready to go.

This is a period film (1890’s), so many props and costumes are needed as well as many real-time special effects materials. Animal actors such as horses, wolves, mules, and chickens have all been secured for this film by animal actor trainers.

Preparations have been under way since 2010 for this film. If they don’t reach their goal with the campaign this film will be dead in the water. There will be no more time left to campaign it on other websites because of the deadline for the Sundace Film Festival and the harvesting of the wheat in North Carolina in late July.

Michael & Company Films Logo

And finally – Why we’re Eyeballing these guys

Well, as usual with Kickstarter projects that interest us, we’d really like to know the story and what happens. Nothing worse than a trailer for something you never see! In this case, it has the makings of a promising yarn with a lot of questions about who the bad guys are – OK, obviously the bandits are, but have they run into something even worse? 

Also they’ve gone for it in the pre-production and have a professional crew who can’t wait to get started. They’ve even grown an entire wheat field for this production. So, you know, let’s not waste food here…hopefully the film at least involves burning it spectacularly at some point, and hoping we’ll see that if (when!) The Farmer gets made.

We are worried that $100k is a bit ambitious given the wide spread of projects out there, but we remain hopeful that this will push them on their way and that there’ll be a rush of donations towards the end of its run.

Remember, the deadline is 30th June 2013 (subject to change) but lend them your support on Kickstarter: The Farmer by Wyatt Michael  just let them know you care on the movie’s official page and Facebook page.

Thanks for reading and if you know of any horror projects deserving some Eyeball love, send them our way.

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