Prometheus: 5 reasons it won’t be as good as Alien (and 3 reasons why it could be great)

Prometheus poster head Ridley Scott

Prometheus - expectections reviewed at Dark River Press

I’ve just started a new, twice-monthly horror blog over at a recently launched new site for everything darkly weird and fantastic, Dark River Press. Just click on the Prometheus Poster above to go straight to my first post.

I highly recommend exploring the many pages of thrills and horror that Dark River Press offer, including the other talented bloggers, and some fantastic horror artwork plus lots of book, film, and retro-film reviews. There are also many horror stories on the site, and poems too, all well worth a look.

Also you can download a free copy of their latest magazine. They’re currently open for submissions, too. Horror fans will be in their element, so please mosey on over and take a look. But make sure you bring a flashlight. Then you might just get out of there alive…

4 thoughts on “Prometheus: 5 reasons it won’t be as good as Alien (and 3 reasons why it could be great)

  1. Excellent ideas! I’m really looking forward to Prometheus, and hoping that it will stand tall alongside the original Alien. You did a great job of covering most fan fears and expectations all at the same time.


    • Thank you! Really glad you liked the post and it’s great to know you felt the same about it. It’ll be wonderful if ‘Prometheus’ works, but it’s also quite likely we’ll be disappointed – not so long now until June! 🙂


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