Review: Scary Mary by S. A. Hunter (Kindle read)

Scary Mary
Scary Mary by S.A. Hunter
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Mary is a typical teenage girl, although she’d find it easier to fit in if she couldn’t hear ghosts all the time. With this and school bullies to contend with, she is grumpily at ease with her position as outcast and loner (well, apart from her rebellious best mate) and as the new year stars it’s business as usual. Then the cute, sympathetic new boy, Cy, turns up, and things seem to take a turn for the better, up until Mary discovers a nasty presence lurking in his basement.

This was a brisk read but well worth a look. It’s a high school paranormal novel, one of billions probably. This isn’t your typical romance, however. Mary is tough and constantly fighting back. The snappy disalogue contains plenty of snarkiness, and a big heart too, and this is a well written romp through high-school hell.

Recommended if you’re sick of sappy romances and like your heroines to stand up for themselves. No vamps here but plenty of creepy moments a very nasty enemy to beat. I enjoyed this a lot and I’m intrigued to see what S A Hunter does to stroppy psychic Mary in the next book!

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