Honda ends Ferris Bueller

So, there will be no Ferris Bueller sequel. In the UK we’re just waking up to this horrifying news – and John Hughes is spinning in his grave – after a teaser that made everyone massively excited, I’ve just learned that the whole ‘sequel’ promo is actually the actor Matthew Broderick flogging a new model of Honda. Yes. a Honda. the Superbowl commercial has revealed all. And it’s troubling.

While I can’t see Broderick losing any sleep over this casual use of a teenage icon to flog practical family cars, or crying all the way to the bank, I have to wonder who thought this was a cute concept. It’s like those bloody Orange adverts, where an actor sends themselves up, except at least then you have that snarky Canadian and the funny bald guy to take the edge off. Or add the edge on. Or you might just have some Muppets, if you’re really lucky.

In this Honda-sponsored homage to former glories, Broderick plays himself, taking his day off as if he were Bueller, but without Rooney (understandably I guess, though it’s a shame) chasing him. Neither does he have his best mate Cameron or the gorgeous Mia Sara to play off. He runs around LA on his own, like some mad and lonely Hollywood actor. It might have just worked if his wife, Sara Jessica Parker, was around as a disapproving wife, or even taking  day off too and coming with him to share in his ‘adventure’. However, instead he’s dodging his agent or studio boss, and that character is doubling as his dad and Rooney as well.

Apart from the fact Broderick’s not just advertising a car with Ferris Bueller’s name attached,  that car is a Honda, which is perfectly respectable vehicle but not exactly something with the ‘oh yeah’ factor of this:

The Ferris Ferrari. Oh, yeah. Pwrr.

The Honda isn’t the biggest deal. Oh no. For me, the major flaw is that he’s both an adult now – not at school anymore – and then there’s the small fact that he had a reasonable film career, although I think it seems hard to believe that Broderick is currently trapped by his punishing acting schedule. I mean, it’s mainly this guy to thank for that:

Did you know he had a Hollywood Star? Ah, you probably did.

However, Broderick has had a successful Broadway career, with The Producers. And I’m happy he has.Ferris Bueller never had a lot to really complain about, either, except for getting a computer instead of a car. Still, it doesn’t feel like a good thing that he made this advert.

The advert brings home that not only has Ferris Bueller/Broderick dared to grow old, he’s also made Ferris Bueller up to date. I think we all grow out of Ferris, but it’s nice to see the original 1980s movie and pretend for a moment that we were skipping school and getting away with it. That’s even if your sympathies end up siding with Rooney as you grow older and find Ferris more smug and annoying than charming. It’s the ‘hitting your thirties’ effect, perhaps.

The teaser for this advert also raised considerable excitement about a Ferris sequel being on the way. Now, being vaguely familiar with how sequels pan out, I think the plot of such a film would either be:

1) Hit replay of the first movie, with Ferris avoiding work instead of school (basically what they’ve done in this advert). Now this could be fun, true, but also extremely derivative. Again, see above.

2) Make it the same, but different. Sort of like Hook, actually. As in, Ferris Bueller has become Rooney, but is taught to chill out by a couple of kids that are the age he was. His innocence restored, he hacks their grades and saves the day. Also, his sister Jeannie is a drug addict thanks to Charlie Sheen’s influence. She gets better thanks to no help at all from Ferris. And the kids are played by anyone from Glee. Literally anyone, I have no idea who is who on Glee anyway. Or the guys from Supernatural. I’d totally watch them.

So, in short – Honda car advert sad, shameless and actually not worth worrying about. We’re all adults. We’ll always have Ferris. RIP John Hughes. I hope Matthew Broderick can sleep at night. I’m sure he can.

And I’m honestly ‘letting it go’ in two…one….



OK. I’m over it. Really.

That’s it. that’s the end of the blog post.

Why are you still here?

Go home. Really.

No, only kidding.

My final hope is that Robert Downey Jnr is going to rekindle nostalgia in kids from the 1980s by reinventing his bully from Weird Science character and pantsing Iron Man Director John Favreau while they watch Gwynth Paltrow work out at yoga. No? No takers? He should be advertising Apple products, really. And given the new director of Apple, that doesn’t seem so far from possibly coming to a Superbowl near you.


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