Last few books!

And the final few books were:

88. Little Fuzzy – Henry Beam Piper (K, Sweet book, Fuzzies are awesome)
89. A History of the World in 10 ½ Chapters – Julian Barnes (Um, typical ‘literature’)
90. Just After Sunset – Stephen King (Great as always, short stories)
91. Freaks – Tess Gerritsen (K, short but good intriguing read)
92. The Voice in the Fog – Harold MacGrath (K, readable, no Conan Doyle….)
93. Habibi – Craig Thompson (Outstanding Graphic Novel, loved it)
94. The Gate: 13 Dark & Odd Tales – Robert J Dupree (K, fun, creepy collection)
95. Rashoumon – Ryusuke Akutagawa (K, short but effective, moral questions here)
96. Raven’s Bride – Kate Silver (K, Not my usual genre, but really liked this)
97. Strangers – Gardner R. Dozois (Amazing, absorbed into it, hated the cover though)
98. Liquid Fear – Scott ichoson (K, free book but felt unmoved, didn’t really like much)
99. Devil Music & 18 Other Stories – David McAfee (K, strong collection of short stories)
100. Point Horror: The Accident – Diane Hoh (Nostalgia, and time, meant this was chosen to sign off the year)


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