The Inbetweeners Series 3 (UK)

Rude, lewd, and too true

 The boys sign off on their final series

It’s the third and final series of Channel 4’s massive hit comedy show, following the last sixth-form year of brief-case nerd Will, hapless and lovesick Simon, shameless liar Jay and the endearingly dopey Neil. Things haven’t changed much, although everyone now knows poor Will as ‘that guy who shit himself in an exam’ which, to be fair, he did in the last series to spectacular effect.

As embarrassing events go, series three almost manages to top the exam-poo within the first episode. Simon’s wardrobe malfunction during a fashion show, in speedos, whilst wearing a top hat, is eye-watering and remains a high point of this unpredictable, tightly wound series. They continue to take the piss out of each other, set each other up and act in completely irresponsible ways – except for Will, who tends to bring it upon himself. In fact, each character is a comic work of genius.

 Will reaches new levels of humiliation at the Fashion Show,
but he gets off quite lightly, considering what happens to Simon…

Will’s naive idealism frequently gets punctured by the realities of modern suburban life – and his less-than perfect mates. Whenever he tries to do the right thing, it comes back to bite him hard – wonder what everyone takes away from that? Jay continues to be rude, mouthy and full of bullshit and bad advice (really, REALLY bad advice), but we completely understand why because his father is a bullying monster, though there’s still no excuse for that haircut. Simon sports what is labelled a ‘Statue of Liberty’ haircut, and has mastered the bug-eyed look terror familiar in frustrated teenage boys everywhere. But at least he gets a girlfried, for a while, even if his one true love, Carli, remains out of reach. Lanky Neil bumbles along, still unable to spot either Jay’s obvious lies or to understand a single piece of Will’s insightful sarcasm. He’s also the most sexually successful of the four, oblivious to the STD he picks up along the way.

 Even though they’re about to leave school forever, 
they still have to be wary of the terrifying Mr Gilbert.

By the show’s end things aren’t going much better for any of the boys, but then again, they do have their whole lives ahead of them.

Foul-mouthed, shallow, self-obsessed little bastards? If you believe the Inbetweeners, being a teenage boy is mostly about taking the piss out of your mates, trying to buy alcohol and, most important of all, getting laid by any means necessary. However, as with the older cast in Peepshow, this show also has a little more going on under the surface and ends on an almost-sweet comment on the state of male friendship and growing up, with plenty of inventive insults and jokes about shagging Will’s Mum inbetween.

Our heroes: (L-R) Simon, Jay, Will and Neil

Oh, and there’s a film due set when they’re on holiday together – so we haven’t left Rudge Park Comprehensive quite yet. They appear to be going to all the way to Crete. Simon will probably be leaving the Speedos at home this time.Until then, there are three series of comedy gold to look back on and enjoy!

Camping and setting fire to Will’s possessions is guaranteed to cheer everyone up

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