Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray marathon – Part One

We received all the Lord of theRing’s movies on Blu-Ray yesterday afternoon, and after a crappy, stressful week, what better way to unwind than with cognac and Middle Earth?

So, we start of with:

The Fellowship of the Ring

The rumours were true, the HD quality of this epic opening chapter is essentially no different to that of the DVD version. It’s a good thing then this overwatched mastepiece remains awesome, and can survive all the various jokes, elf-bashing and criticisms we jaded viewers can throw at it. Over-familiarity breeds a more unkind sort of affection. I still adore this film, and love it all the more for its quirks – the lingering eye closeups, for example. The way all the evil black riders or ‘ringwraiths’ only ever attack in perfect synchronicity, and are always thwarted. That guy who played Agent Smith in the Matrix being essentially the same but with sillier hair. All these things both endear and annoy, but the I can’t resist being enthralled by the visuals, the huge scope and heartfelt performances that ensure this stays top in my ‘films to watch again before I’m killed by the metorite’ list.

On, to the Two Towers…..tonight! See you at 2am….or tomorrow.


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