Movie day

Ok, this is more of a trailer for the full thing, coming later today.

I’ve spent the whole of this gloriously sunny Saturday watching films – and this has been a good day for those both at my local cinema and at home. Yes, there was some sort of football match on today, apaprently England equalised 1:1 with the USA (shameful!) but who need that when you have Sky Anytime and a nearby fish & chip shop, and good friends and lovers around to enjoy this abundance with?

Today started out with Neil Gaiman’s exqusitely creepy animation, Coraline, over breakfast.

Next, I met a good friend for a bite of the glittering Sex and the City 2: Revenge of the Shoe People (if only).

Finally, returning home for more colourful animted fun with Monsters vs Aliens, and finally the low-key but likeable Sunshine Cleaning.

As it’s way past my bedtime, this will all be covered tomorrow/today/later/soon! So please, check back in the next 24 hours for the full report.

And in the meantime, I’m really looking forward to Inception by Christopher Nolan, and whatever Sky throws at us next week!


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