Worst. Episode. Ever. Of Scrubs.

What’s more annoying than a two-headed Turk/Carla monster?
See below!

Scrubs: “My Princess” Season 7 Episode 11
(or 9 if you prefer it to make sense, see below)
I’ve stuck with Scrubs for years. No matter what they did, up until the final season I’ve found most of the episodes consistently hilarious and enormously entertaining. No matter how wacky it got inside JD’s head, the hospital was generally a solid world where things mattered and events unfolded convincingly. Even the less inspiring Series Seven remained solidly amusing entertainment.
So, what the hell were they thinking?
I hear that this was intended as a Princess Bride homage. Well, they failed to pull it off. Forcing the Scrubs cast into a camper-than-the-Musical-Episode world fell completely on its ass. Didn’t they realise that putting everyone into fancy dress in a storybook village far beyond the hospital – and then having them talk in sub Oldé Anglais was going to make viewers want to tear their own eyes out? Or turn off. Haven’t they seen Star Trek: TNG’s Robin Hood episodes?
And let’s not forget the awful continuity, which meant that Doctor Kelso mysteriously returned as operating Chief of Medicine! Someone messed up or didn’t care about the series, here. Nothing about the script felt good. Especially not as a Series Finale!
The storyline, such as it is, revolved around Doctor Cox (John C McGinley) telling a bedtime story to his son, reshaping an awful day into a more awful storybook version. JD (Zach Braff) and Elliot (Sarah Chalke) were having trouble diagnosing her patient, and this translated to weak allegory to the village idiot (JD, natch) and the Princess (Elliot with a nasty dress) seeking the ‘golden ring’ so that they can save her. I can see why they thought it was a cute idea but it was just ugly. And I liked their musical episode. It feels like this one was done in their coffee break with the striking writers waiting menacingly just outside with axes and flaming torches.
It’s true that this season WAS a casualty of the writer’s strike, but clearly the NBC networks bosses are narked at the guys behind the show – and apparently it’s going to end up on the ABC network for its 8th and final (really? Really final? Actually a final??) season. Whatever the reason, this is pretty shoddy treatment. Scrubs deserved a helluva lot better than this sopping-wet smelly dishrag of a last hurrah. Which took me four attempts to get all the way through.
Basically, someone needed to do a Mancheck on the guy behind the scheduling. Still Scrubs’ funniest moment EVER.
Sorry, Cox, but it’s still funny!
Frankly, I’m wishing I hadn’t seen My Princess. I’d have been happier leaving it with the episode before, where Kelso signed off and Cox assumed the hospital reigns. It’s a huge shame, and I’m not really anticipating great things from the move to ABC. New characters and stretching the formula don’t fill me with confidence. Still, it would be nice to be proved wrong.
After a fairly satisfying seventh season, I recommend that you skip this episode entirely – and enjoy all the previous seasons, which contained some of the best comedy I’ve ever watched.
So long, Scrubs, and thanks for everything!
*Hugs signed picture of the cast*
Scrubs, signing off. Thanks for the laughs, see you on ABC?

6 thoughts on “Worst. Episode. Ever. Of Scrubs.

  1. Grin. I don’t mind you reviewing Scrubs when it’s telling us they suck. Which they don’t, usually, as a show. As people…well, that’s another thing entirely.Great review, though. As always. 🙂

  2. If you think this is the worst, u obvisally haven't seen 'My Cabbage'. JD is soooooo out of character in that episode and I don't think I saw any daydreams

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