May bumper bonanza

Great new shows and movies we’ve been waiting for!

It’s May. Again, how that happened I don’t entirely understand. What is this night/day/night thing anyway? I’m frantically catching up here!

With May comes Spring. With Spring comes, surprisingly, some decent shows and the return of better ones.

This is particularly true for Channel 4 and E4. The BBC has the new series of Heroes and – I wouldn’t recommend it. It retells the same story for five episodes, and it’s only 11 episodes long anyway. And SPOILER the Petrellis lived. So blah on the whole thing. At least Kring has already apologised for it. AGAIN.

Back on Channel 4, though, and things are looking up. From the 1st of May we have two homegrown shows, one old, one spanking new.

The old is Peepshow. Despite a wobble in Series 3, series 4 was a damn fine return to form. It continues this in the first ep of the 5th (yes, 5th!) series. Barely a week after Mark’s disastrous non-wedding to Sophie, Jeremy is determined to get them back out into dating society. Sadly for Mark, a burglar and a makeshift Guantanemo transforms these efforts into a beyond-awkward social situation.

Increasingly unstable Mark detains a burglar while his ‘date’ looks on…

Here lies the face-clenching brilliance of Peepshow. It also sees the return of a character from the very first episode – Toni’s sister who, 5 years ago, Jeremy mistakenly believed had cancer. The girl that Mark pursues also bears a striking resemblance to the lovely shoe-shop girl he stalks at Dartmouth University in series 2. And there’s a nice nod to the evil scally kids from the pilot, when one of the burglars calls Mark a Clean Shirt. Whatever the hell that is. (To quote – Isn’t that good?)

The newest show on the block is The Inbetweeners. This is a sort of Sixth Form Peepshow, although it doesn’t have the internal narrative of anyone except its Mini-Mark-in-Training. This is Will– the posh new kid who’s had to start at a hideously nasty new comprehensive school after his dad leaves his mum. He doesn’t get off to a great start – he carries a briefcase, wears his old school uniform (a blazer) and has ever-so-slightly ‘spazzy hair’. The school psychos immediately take a photo of him on the loo.

Charming – Will’s first day could have gone better…

(image c/o

It goes up on the school pinboard. Social death. Yet, endearingly, he persists in trying to make friends with ‘an average’ group of lads and just about survives his first day. Just. If I actually watched Skins, I’d probably call Inbetweeners its less-pretentious little brother. As I’ve only seen the borderline artistic trailers for Skins, I’ll just have to compare it to Peepshow instead. Verdict – this is another painfully amusing show about people with no social skills trying to get through their days despite being warped and self-obsessed. The main difference is, Mark and Jeremy aren’t that likely to grow out of it (yay!).

Finally, much excitement now for the return of Scrubs as its final ever season (Season 7) comes to E4 on the 7th May. Reviews imminent. Funnybone is primed.

And now – big amount of movies to see this month? It’s a bumper crop – really HUGE bumps. We have:

Iron Man – Robert Downey Jr as a Superhero. It’s about time!

Sex and the City – All anyone has commented on is the clothes. Everyone else has read the plot spoilers then. So, about these clothes…

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull – We know he’s too old for this shit. But all the merchandise from the original trilogy is being reissued. And it could be…watchable. No? No, okay. Can’t be worse than Superman Returns though. Can it? Really? Fingers crossed here.

At least one decent horror film – REC ? Is already disappearing from the cinemas!

A Grindhouse special at mylocal cinema! – both movies watched together at last on the big screen. Can’t wait. (And when is that Kill Bill double gonna happen, eh?)

And, er…Hulk. It might be ok.

So this is May. Like I said, I’m catching up. More reviews of all the above to follow!


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