Things noticed in April 2008

Things noticed in April 2008

New US series premieres:

All the season premieres from the US seem to have been contractually obliged to include ‘Young Folks’ by Peter, Bjorn & John in their scenes. I counted Dirty Sexy Money, Journeyman, and Gossip Girl. There must be more. It’s not a particularly bad song, it’s just – use something else, guys? Is it in Heroes 2 yet? Maybe in Series 3!

Doctor Who Series 4: SPOILERS

Well, they’ve chosen Catherine Tate as the new assistant. SPOILER – And they’re bring back Rose! Yes, that’s it. She’s coming back. In an SFX interview, they said that she wasn’t ever returning to ‘give Martha a chance’. But now Saint Rose is returning. Snore. At least Tate’s grumpy Donna is a refreshing change from a lovesick teenybopper following the Doc around (I kid, I kid). I’m just not that bothered if I catch the show or not – I’m a bit bored by Doctor Who at the moment. And there HAVE been some good episodes. Three and a half, actually. Blink, Empty Child/Doctor Dances, and most of that school one with Giles from Buffy. Also, why is the second episode of every season a mandatory ‘historical drama with a twist’? (BBC remit?). Within four seasons of New Who, I can’t help feeling that if it was ACTUALLY that much fun travelling with the holy Doctor, they could find some interesting way to bloody SHOW us it is, rather than harping on and on about how frickin’ amazingly fantastic it bloody is. Instead, he gets people killed a lot and then shouts at some aliens. Every time. I’m also tired of Russell T Davis getting defensive in interviews about the amount of gayness on the show, the lame scripts, everything. And by the way, Russell T – it’s NOT bloody Buffy. Never will be. Now make your own show better! *and breathe*

Honey Monster rips off Mighty Boosh! And other ads:

The Original!


One thought on “Things noticed in April 2008

  1. I’ve been Tivo’ing all the New Who, but I wasn’t all that impressed with Voyage of the Damned. Hanging out with the Doc does seem to come with a serious body count.

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