Blonde not Blue – Britney does Daft Punk (maybe)

“Break the Ice” Britney Spears 2008 music promo

Can I just direct everyone’s attention to Britney’s remarkable return to form?

She’s gone from fresh-faced to frazzled single mum, to out-and-out batshit crazy…apparently.

Now she’s gone 2D and aping Major Motoko Kusanagi with slightly better hair. It’s certainly not going to banish the awfulness of Piece of Me. (Which scrawled its irony in crayon). But this is certainly a slinkily-animated high-kick in the right direction.

There were no links anywhere to embed this on the site, sorry guys.

But please do check it out.

As far as I can tell, someone finally figured out that Britney’s appearance in person was not fulfilling the wet dreams of her fanboys. The ‘pop princess’ who has been straddling the media for a good ten years now (I know, I feel old too!) has had her personal image good’n’tarnished following last year, and whether the timing was planned or not, this animé spectacular is a very good idea. I thought it was by Madonna when I first clapped eyes on it. It’s actually, gods forbid, pretty innovative and exciting to watch!

Now, I love cartoons anyway. The very best kind tell the story whilst looking great, having amazing characters and compelling, world-encompassing plots. The two examples that seem to have been used most heavily in this promo (and thus guaranteeing my undying affection) are Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop. Cyber-Britney performs lots of impossible jumps, smiles at the evil men (apparently former managers) who try and stop her, and procedes to kick their asses in a way that’s still acceptable for regular slots on MTV.

It wasn’t made by the stars of animé, but it sure as hell did the trick.

It’s probably time for a true animated diva, anyway. Why get old and have to work your ass off all the time to appear flawless (a la Mads) when you can let your long-limbed 2D namesake do it for you? Hey, it worked for Damon Albarn (including the name). And let’s admit something else here – what more appropriate swansong could there be for Britney than changing her image into the ultimate animated heroine?

After she’s beaten the bad guys and blowed (sic) up the building, the legend: To be continued…

All I’m saying is – I will most likely buy the next video if it’s animated in this way. Chances are that I won’t bother if she doesn’t Daft Punk this and keep it virtually free of the real Brit. I love animated music videos – done right, they’re a glittering change from the ‘girls wiggling in bikinis’ trend that’s totally taken over. It’s harder to resent an animated image, for a start. And this one is soooo pwetty!

So, more of this shallow and shiny imagery please – I can’t help but enjoy it. She’s ripping it off from the very best – whoever thought of this needs friendly applause. As a brilliant slice of edible animé pop, this hasn’t really been bettered (except by Daft Punk. Obviously).

Good one Britney, more please!

This is my reaction to it – Wikipedia holds all the answers to any further questions.


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