Kanye West vs Daft Punk vs Animé Legends!

Kanye West vs Daft Punk

Kanye West’s new song and video:


Heavily samples Daft Punk, although apparently with their blessing. They not only appear in the video, but Kanye references Akira (and some of the video for the Daft Punk song this samples). So, their shared love of animé is very clear here.

The Akira scene used in the video:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cig0SjaAB8&watch_response Original Akira Video, thank you You Tube

Trouble is, I think the song itself sucks. Daft Punk’s original (and I have no idea HOW many samples they may have actually used themselves) is a glorious blend of techno and sounds, with a far more elegant video too!

Kanye West’s version of this is so slow and dull, and the rap is unispiring, and frankly his video is a blurry mess. It was interesting enough to convince me to both watch it AND make a blog entry on it – but only because it draws together two things I already love. Kanye himself is NOT the main attraction.

It’s still great to see awareness of anime on usually boring-as-hell (and hell probably is quite dull, cos it’s hell) music channels. It’s a relief from the ‘girls in their pants’ school of music vids. Why else doe Gorrilaz do so well! There’s something more there, people, and a story will sell a million times better than anything else.

Except, possibly, for Rhianna’s voodoo rain song, ‘Umberella’.

This is number one for three – THREE months and hasn’t stopped raining (in the UK)

Thanks a lot, Rihanna!

I’m soooo mean…


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