Heroes on BBC2 July 25th!

In addition, and if you still haven’t seen it, this may be important for you. Heroes will be showing on BBC2 on 25th July 2007.

Hey, Wikipedia says it’s true. As I’ve been avoiding BBC2 because of the tennis (the endless Tennis…) I have no idea if they’re even trailering it yet. They’re going for a Wednesday showing, I guess.

However, a quick search has revealed a BBC site already to go. So it’s certainly on its way, with a show alongside it that’ll be a bit like ‘Doctor Who Confidential’. Only, less Welsh. With apologies to the Welsh.

Update: Further confirmation is at the Radio Times website. There will be a double bill shown from 9pm until 10.30 pm, as it runs on the American version of an ‘hour’ – about 50 minutes.
The last ten minutes will be the little features show I mentioned above.

What are the chances this will be spoiler free? At least you’ll have a chance to not watch it if it does. The Sci Fi UK channel did have a silly habit of trailering the next episode about 5 seconds after the current one had ended…argh.

Everyone enjoy, you’re in for a fantastic story. I may even watch it again. Remember, no idents!


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