Tomb Raid-huh?

Lara Croft takes care of some local prehistoric wildlife. All in a days’ work, chaps.

Ok, the new Tomb Radier Anniversary game is out. It’s a pretty remake of the very first game ever, which was released on the Playstation One back before I was even aware of what a Playstation was (it’s that thing I played Alien Trilogy on for £1 for 30 minutes at our local video rental store, after school)!

Playstation is iconic, it made an important framework for all my teenage years. I loved Final Fantasy VIII, Alien Trilogy, Resident Evil 1 & 2, and especially Lara Croft. THe Playstation was brilliant, and the Playstation 2 was okay, but it never managed a decent Tomb Raider game.

So, it’s understandable that they’ve made TR: Anniversary work on the PS2. However, now it’s 2007, and only have one question. WHY isn’t this on the XBOX, too? It’s very weird that Playstation also have anew console out, the shiny PS3, and they’re still advertising this for the PS2.

Also, given that Tomb Raider Legend came out on ALL new consoles last year, and looked INCREDIBLE, I have no idea why it’s gone backwards again.

I hear that it WILL be heading for Nintendo Wii soonish – I guess in time for Christmas – and as there’s one of these in the house too, I’m really looking forward to it. I just wish they’d continued making Lara available no matter what the console, like some sort of ultra-portable shooty-lady who talks like the woman from Spooks and Tipping the Velvet. So at least they’ve brought back the wonderful Keely Hawes for lovely Lara’s voice!

Hmm. Had a SUN newspaper moment there. Gulp.


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