Peepshow Series 4 – the End

Much-needed couples’ therapy for Sophie and Mark in episode 4

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Peepshow Series 4 – the End!

It’s over. The last episodes have been shown, and now we’ll have to keep an eye on the schedules next year for the further adventures of Mark and Jeremy. Next week is Big Brother, which means I now have several channels to avoid – Channel 4 and all its sister channels. There will, as usual, be no real way to avoid it.

But I’m glad that Channel 4 sensibly renewed Peepshow, because this was the strongest season so far. Mark travelled grimly towards the date of his unwanted nuptials. Jeremy continued to hang onto Mark with grim death and keep living the hedonistic life he feels he deserves. Pain and humiliation were inevitable, and very, very funny to watch.

This is a well-written show with characters that are bad but not unlikeable. That’s the real genius – no matter how bad things get, there’s a grain of sympathy that ensures they aren’t simply being unpleasant for the sake of it. Although the dog-roast episode comes extremely close!

I reviewed the first two episodes individually, but life interfered and I’m catching up on the last few. Same with Doctor Who, only that’s continuing on BBC1 this week!

Episode Three. Gym:

Hide behind the women! Mark and Jeremy avoid their comeuppance in Karate class

Following Mark’s inevitable failure at the Kettering conference, he joins an exclusive gym in order to avoid spending any time with Sophie, his fiancé. He meets Nancy there, and learning about this, Jeremy (still on the rebound from Big Sooze) is determined to make her like him again. Even if she keeps forgetting that they were married.

One thing leads to another, and pretty soon Mark and Jeremy are doing any dirty trick they can to get Mark’s handsome personal trainer fired, so they can cover their arses, only to end up on the gyms’ Karate mat with the very guy they’ve royally pissed off.

Episode Four. Handyman:

Mark and Jeremy both reach new lows this week. Sophie’s in Frankfurt, and Mark think she’s possibly screwing Jeff. He uses this excuse to not feel guilty when he attends his school reunion, and sees Sally Slater, his fantasy woman there. She’s unhappily married and really likes Mark – they seemed to bond over reading The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy aloud in silly voices on a school trip. Now she’s a cleaner, and Mark’s a reasonably successful businessman. That’s what he tells her, anyway.

Jez helps with this façade when Mark want a private place to see her, as he’s just been employed by his music idol, Russell. Once known as ‘the Orgazoid’, Russell pays Jez lots of money – although at first it’s not clear why. It turns out, he wants Jez for a different sort of handy work. Jez still manages to get fired, but as Russell is on holiday he uses his keys to let Mark into his swish London pad. Sally puts the moves on a worried Mark, but it turns extra-nasty when Sally’s unpleasant husband shows up.

Episode Five. Holiday:

Mark in his jaunty captain’s hat (shortly before hell on water begins)

Jeremy does possibly the nicest thing he’s ever tried to do, by throwing a one-on-one stag do for Mark, spending the last of his cash on a canal boat and promising his friend lots of chess. Boredom sets in all-too soon, and Jeremy drags the always-reluctant Mark to the nearest canal-side pub. Here they meet two party girls, their businessman father and their beloved little dog, Mummy. Initially it seems to go well. Mark even gets an interview, and Jeremy seems to be succeeding with the prettier sister. Then Jez takes an ill-advised drunken ride in the family’s 4×4, and it all results in dog barbeque.

How do you destroy evidence of a dead dog? Mark’s too cheap for firelighters…dig Jeremy!

Episode Six. Wedding:

Such a happy occasion, both glad to be here…

It’s here, it’s inevitable, and Super Hans has just vomited into Mark’s wedding top hat. They appear to have had another stag-do, which has left Jez and Hans both the worse for wear. Mark is anxious to get to the church early, but Jez gets distracted when his beloved Nancy needs a lift from Heathrow. This leads to a detour where an increasingly desperate Mark asks a waitress to marry him, and then tries to get hit by a car. Jeremy points out that this is not a good sign. Mark tries to break it off with Sophie, but refuses to do so over the phone. Trying to tell her Mum the truth fails miserably, too, and Mark hides with Jeremy in the hidden seating behind the altar. The excruciating scene that follows leaves Jeremy pissing in a church, in his trousers…this gives away their position and Mark ends up being married to Sophie. For about five minutes. After a few minutes in the wedding car with him, Sophie jumps out and runs to her parents. Jeremy joins Mark in the wedding car. Jez notes that he smells of pee, and Mark smells of vomit. They belong together! Also, Super Hans is now snogging Nancy on the bench outside the church. It’s a fitting end to their grubby stories!

Well, that seemed to go quite well.

By turns gross and hilarious, Peepshow made a great return to form and continues to impress. And maybe the DVD will get me through a few of the endless hours of Big Brother looming next week.


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