Campbell versus Dillon

I’m about to review Factotum, which stars Matt Dillon (Something about Mary, Herbie: Fully Loaded) and it occurs to me that he’s like this generation’s Bruce Campbell, only without Sam Raimi’s iconic movies behind him. He’s done plenty of his own, just none that have quite the same hold over the imagination as the Evil Dead Trilogy.

Bruce Campbell

Matt Dillon

Matt Dillon….

Bruce Campbell………………………………?

So, is he Bruce Campbell’s lovechild? Just watch the guy in any role, especially from the last 5 years, and tell me that the same genes aren’t in play!


3 thoughts on “Campbell versus Dillon

  1. I honestly just found out they’re not the same person! There I was watching Crash convinced it was Bruce..not thinking..hey Bruce was about 50 in Bubba Ho-tep..but damn Matt Dillion is the spit of a young Bruce!

  2. I found this page searching the internet to see if they were related.I guess not, but others see the obvious resemblance. Is there something Bruce isn’t telling us? lol

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