Interlude – Mac ads: AKA How Mitchell & Webb got rubbish

Dave Mitchell and Robert Webb, (L-R)

Just a moment to bitch about Apple Mac adverts that seem to be everywhere, and which, through their being everywhere, I’ve flagrantly not bothered to listen to. I haven’t heard their routine yet. The message is pretty clear without sound. This is because the computers at work dont have sound (lucky, really)! The ads are on sites that I browse during, shall we call them quiet periods at work, on the Guardian, Times and Daily Telegraph websites (I believe in getting a balanced view, even if it’s Left, Left, Right) where they perform their usual routine, only they personify the two types of computers. The nerdy one, Dave Mitchell, is a PC (riddled with various bugs, start-up glitches and so on), and Robert Webb is the super-cool and trendy Mac, yeah?

Well, I’m sick of seeing it everywhere. They were brilliant in Peepshow – their characters were streamlined past some very clever writers and their style suited it perfectly. Their radio and TV shows were pretty good, too. The stage show was great though over-familiar.

But given the type of self-obsessed wannabe-hip-unlikeable-twat Robert Webb usually plays, particularly opposite Mitchell, does it even make sense to have him being supercool ‘Mac’ in the first place?
Can anyone tell me if the ads are funny?


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