Big Damn Heroes

(Above: the cast. Posing oh-so heroically)


Despite the Uk SciFi Channel’s inexplicable decision not to broadcast this much-hyped American show in widescreen (as it was filmed) I have to say I’m enjoying it all the same. My particular favourite is Japanese hero-fanboy Hiro – an office worker who finds he can alter time and space. Hiro is adorable, humbled and exhalted by his newfound powers. His joy in his abilities are the most realistic reaction of anyone in the series! His cynical best friend keeps us grounded, adding some worldly desires to Hiro’s loveable idealism.

Since it first broadcast on the 19th February, we’re four episodes in, and the storylines are molding together. The show has that ‘Buffy’ feel. Not that it’s full of vampires and injokes about pop culture – it’s like Buffy because it seems to be made with some care, written by people who’ve some interest in moving on the plot and making us like the characters. It began with some clunky exposition, but quickly started slotting the information together more gracefully. It has a lot of characters, but I feel much more affection for all of them than I have with Lost, which leaves me cold.

The show is much gorier than I had expected too. Possibly another reason why I like it! So far, there’s been multiple shootings, people with the tops of their heads cut off, and the many gruesome deaths of the cheerleader. She ended the third episode with the VERY gross autopsy scene, during which she came back to life.
The cheerleader is great because she isn’t screaming and overreacting at all the gross things she puts her body through – she’s annoyed about the whole thing, like a girl getting her period the first time (and the men go uuuuuuurgh). It comes in handy, though – it seems like whatever kept killing Kenny in South Park is now after her! I guess that seems a little dumb – in the first episode alone she’s almost squished a couple times and comes out okay. I hope she’ll grow into her powers, especially now we’ve learned that a) she’s adopted and b) her step-father’s eeeeevil!
Following this impressive start, I’m looking forward tothe next episode. Everything’s culminating in Las Vegas, and a lot more of the action is in New York. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit both, and I really enjoy seeing it appear on such a likeable show. I hope all the little plot pieces come together well, because so far the show deserves its many fans.

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