Welcome to my Media blog


I have a range of interests that spread across old and new media. I like reading people’s thoughts and watching people scurry around. Books, TV, cinema, and video games have all made a huge impact on my life. They’ve introduced me to new people, stretched my beliefs in the possible or should-be possible, and above all, they’ve let me connect with other people by taking the piss out of all of the above.

That’s not to say that there aren’t certain things I love dearly. Ripping the piss out of Blade Runner is just not on! Preciousness about Ridley Scott aside, I’ve definitely reached a point where I can simultaneously laugh and revere my favourite shows. I miss Spaced dearly because it managed to do all these things with characters who were familiar and likeable – maybe only to my age group of mid-20-somethings, but important touchstones all the same.

I’m going to add reviews as and when they come to me, which will hopefully be pretty frequent. This is the first proper blog on reviews and opinions. Not that I’ve been idle…I’ve had DVD and film reviews published in the Hampshire Chronicle since 2005. This is another place to practice, so I can cover everything else!


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